Data Science in Practice 

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How you will study for this module?

  • In this module you are required to carry out project work. In doing so you will:
  • Work with real world data
  • Apply data science skills and knowledge appropriately to analyse a business problem
  • Derive insights  and make recommendations
  • Clearly present your findings through presentations and a report
Module overview
The Data Science in Practice module provides you with an opportunity to yor apply knowledge through project work. You will select a project from a specific domain and appropriately apply exploratory data analysis, statistical methods and select appropriate advanced modelling techniques. This module also develops your scientific communication skills through the preparation of project reports and presentations.
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assessment requirments
In order to complete this module successfully you will need to 
  1. Attend the scheduled live classes for the initial, interim and final project presentations
  2. Submit an initial project proposal
  3. Submit an final project proposal
  4. You will need to achieve a grade of 50% or more for your project.

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Data Science in Practice Certificate of Completion

Course Lessons

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