Fundamentals of Predictive Modelling

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How you should study for this module?

  • View all video lessons and corresponding slide sets
  • Practice with the code samples from the lessons
  • Complete all topics assignments. (Mandatory) 
  • Undertake the case study
  • Study the exam practice questions before the exam
Module overview
A good understanding of predictive modelling is an essential part of being an effective data scientist as many business problems are related to successfully predicting future outcomes. This fundamentals of predictive modelling unit provides a strong foundation for predictive modelling and covers the entire modelling process in the context of real life case studies. Many concepts in predictive modelling methods are commonly used in business.
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assessment requirments
In order to complete this module successfully you will need to 
  1. Attend the scheduled live classes (or view the recorded session)
  2. Watch all learning content on the platform
  3. Complete all topic assignments
  4. Submit case study answers
  5. Pass the module exam with a minimum grade of 50%

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